All About Corporate Banking in 2024

Apr 25, 2024

All About Corporate Banking in 2024

Corporate banking is a private and widespread type of banking that provides private banking services to large businesses, government agencies, and large non-profit organizations.

Individual customers benefit from normal banking services. Small and medium-sized enterprises, namely SMEs, benefit from commercial banking services. Businesses with greater power and business coverage also receive corporate banking.

Corporate banking services include credit, loan management, and treasury management consulting. If you want to make your business a major brand, you should work with a bank that provides corporate banking services.

You can also get advice on corporate finance tips at corporate banking, where you can grow your business together.

At Jetonbank, we have corporate banking services for businesses with innovative dreams and visions that want to strengthen and grow.

Corporate Banking Definition

The definition of the concept of corporate banking can be made as follows, it is the type of banking service that large businesses, government institutions, or non-profit organizations that have a large asset, cash, or securities to manage.

The services of this type of banking include creating loan packages for projects, increasing credit lines, and deposits, and most importantly treasury management.

Corporate banking provides consultancy services which are vital for businesses of this size. They provide financial advice on both the management of the treasury and the increase of capital. It is quite different from normal banking services and has a large capital control.

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Corporate Banking Services

Corporate banking services require different solutions than regular banking. Therefore, a bank that provides corporate banking services should assign experts and competent people in this context.

For strong businesses with a large place in the market, customized solutions should be offered from time to time about problem-solving, credit planning, and proper use of capital.

Since the capital controlled by such powerful businesses is also very large, they expect the strategies created by experienced teams from corporate banking. For example, since the repercussions of the problem experienced by a large enterprise will be great, this may affect not only that institution but the entire market.

Therefore, it is a banking service that should be carried out with care only by experts and experienced people in the field.

We, as Jetonbank, are aware of this sensitivity and provide high-quality corporate banking services for our customers who want to expand their business and increase their influence in the market.

Corporate Banking Products

In the banking world, the concept of the product means service. When we say corporate banking products, we mean the services of corporate banking.

The most popular of these services, namely corporate banking products, are undoubtedly loans and credits. Financial consulting should be also counted within the scope of corporate banking products.

Loans are a banking product that large-scale companies also benefit from and use as capital while carrying out their projects. In addition, consultancy on treasury management is also a corporate banking product.

On the other hand, all corporate finance consultancy is offered to businesses as a banking product. At Jetonbank, we offer all these products to help large-scale businesses grow.

Corporate Banking vs Commercial Banking

While commercial banking and corporate banking may sound similar, there are differences in the breadth of services they provide. Commercial banking is a private banking service that provides special services to small and medium-sized businesses.

Corporate banking, on the other hand, is banking that has strong customers in its service network from government institutions to large businesses that are known around the world.

In commercial banking, transactions such as commissions, fees, and loan offers are on a smaller scale. On the other hand, these numbers are very high in corporate banking. You should know what size your company is and what type of banking you should use.

Commercial banking is a type of banking that has small and medium-sized services mostly for SMEs.

In corporate banking, projects and solutions are large-scale. Being aware of this sensitivity, we offer both commercial and corporate banking services to you, our valuable clients, at Jetonbank.

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Importance of Corporate Banking

Corporate banking is of vital importance not only for institutions that receive these services but also for other businesses and citizens in the market.

Because the valuable assets they have is not a small amount, the wrong control of this capital and its use with inappropriate strategies will adversely affect the entire market. Possible decisions they make directly affect more than one person and other units of the economy.

Thanks to corporate banking, business owners can get services such as the growth of their companies, increasing their profit margins, the correct use of capital, and foreign exchange transactions.

Jetonbank prepares its strategies and solution packages with this sensitivity and awareness of the importance of corporate banking. Jetonbank is ready to cooperate with you to grow your business and increase your profits.

Differences Between Corporate Banking and Business Banking

Although corporate banking and business banking sound like similar types of banking, they differ from each other in terms of both the service they provide and their customer profiles.

Corporate banking is a type of banking that offers solutions to businesses with large assets that serve large businesses or even government agencies.

However, in business banking, services are provided for small businesses to medium-sized businesses, namely SMEs. Credits available to them are lower than those offered at corporate banking.

As Jetonbank, we offer our services that will make a difference to all businesses, from small to large, as it has been for years. We are ready to cooperate with businesses of different sizes that need both corporate and business banking services.

New Trends in Corporate Banking

The corporate banking world is not independent of the advancement of technology and digitization. In recent years, the introduction of cryptocurrency has deeply affected both businesses and banks. Corporate banking, like all other units, must adapt and change to this innovative world.

All banks providing corporate banking services should add the cryptocurrency universe, which brings significant changes to businesses, to their solutions.

Jetonbank is open to both the cryptocurrency world and other technological developments with its staff and services ready for all these innovations. Don't let your business get old with the Jetonbank in the renewing world.

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