How to Open an Offshore Bank Account in Belgium

Dec 29, 2023

How to Open an Offshore Bank Account in Belgium

There are several ways to apply to banks to open an offshore bank account in Belgium. Jetonbank provides banking services for offshore bank accounts for corporate and individual clients. Jetonbank provides offshore banking services in Belgium. 

To open an offshore bank account in Belgium, fill out the online application form available on the websites of banks offering offshore banking services. 

After completing the online application form, your application is completed, and the bank starts checking the documents for the necessary identification and approval of other documents. The banks examine the required documents.

Offshore Banking Definition

Offshore banking means a person or organisation opening an account or conducting transactions with a bank outside their home country. Offshore banks are usually located in countries or regions known as tax havens. Offshore bank accounts have advantages such as low taxes, increased privacy and flexibility. 

Offshore banking accounts can be used for investment, business transactions, wealth preservation or other reasons. People who use an offshore bank account may want to keep their assets, income, profits or other money private or subject to low taxes.

What Do You Need to Open a Bank Account in Belgium?

You must fulfil some basic requirements to open a bank account in Belgium. First, you will need an identity document; this will usually be your passport, but in some cases, your national identity card may also be acceptable. You must also provide proof of address; examples of utility bills or rental agreements are acceptable. 

Depending on the type of bank account, a minimum deposit amount may be required; this can vary but is usually around €100 to €500.

You must then go to your bank and fill in your account opening application form. When completing the form, you must provide your identity and address details, enter your payment details and select the type of account that suits you. 

After completing the form, you will meet with the bank officer and complete the account opening process. After opening your account, you will receive your card and password within 2 to 3 days on average, and you will be able to start making online transactions with your bank.


Can I Open An Offshore Bank Account Online?

Offshore bank accounts are generally more flexible and subject to less restrictive rules, so in some cases, they can also be opened online via the Internet. At Jetonbank, we recommend that you follow all the important steps banks require for online account opening.

First, you need to check whether your chosen offshore bank offers the option of online account opening. If it does, you must usually apply through the bank's website.

You will be asked to provide proof of identity and address during the application. You may also be asked to declare your source of funds and purpose. Offshore banks want to ensure the funds do not come from illegal activities. 

Once the bank has assessed your application to open an account, it will decide whether to approve or reject it. If approved, you will receive your account details, usually within 2 to 4 weeks, to start trading with your bank.

Is It Free to Open An Offshore Bank Account in Belgium?

The fees required to open an offshore bank account in Belgium vary from bank to bank. Banks in some European countries, such as Belgium, now offer their customers the opportunity to open accounts with high-interest rates and low or zero commissions. 

In particular, financial institutions such as Jetonbank offer a range of foreign currency accounts, time deposit accounts, offshore accounts and money market funds with high-interest rates, favourable exchange rates and minimal fees.

Jetonbank has attracted investors with low-cost offshore account openings, withdrawals and transfers. 

Account opening fees are almost zero, and gross interest rates are much higher than traditional banks. In addition, offshore bank customers are exempt from transaction costs.

Therefore, opening an offshore bank account in Belgium with Jetonbank is beneficial for your digital banking process.


Opening an Account with Traditional Bank Steps

When opening an offshore bank account with Jetonbank you must fulfill the necessary conditions. First, you will need to set up an appointment time to open an account with the JBank team. Once you inform the bank of the information and documents you need, your application process will officially begin.

The first information you must declare when applying is in which country you want to open an account. In this way, your account will be created depending on the country you want.

Apart from traditional banks, you do not have to deal with unnecessary paperwork when you choose Jetonbank to open an offshore banking account. JBank teams will assist you with the application process, which you can complete online.

The customer then fills in the account opening forms and agreements. These forms specify customer details, the type of account chosen and the services requested for the account.

Once the forms are completed and signed, the account can now be opened. Jetonbank provides the account number and other necessary information to the customer. Using the bank account information, bank customers can make deposits, withdrawals and transfers. 

Opening an Account with an Online Bank Steps

Today, with the development of technology, many banking transactions can now be done digitally via websites or mobile smartphone applications. This is also the case in banking operations and people can easily carry out their financial transactions with online banking. 

For customers who want to open an online bank account, they must first choose the online bank they prefer. After choosing their online bank, customers should fill out the online application form completely and submit the necessary documents to the bank. After this process, the bank verifies the customer's identity and address information. 

Jetonbank Offshore Banking Services

Jetonbank, one of the leading institutions in the banking sector, offers its clients various offshore banking services. One of the most important services offered by Jetonbank is corporate and personal offshore accounts opened in countries with favourable tax rates. 

Offshore accounts are highly confidential, and the account holder's identity is kept confidential. Jetonbank offers its customers time and demand deposit accounts in different currencies and trading platforms where they can carry out various fund, stock, commodity and foreign exchange transactions. Jetonbank's private banking and wealth management services also provide significant facilities to meet the financial needs of its clients.


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