How to Do International Offshore Banking in Amsterdam?

May 20, 2024

How to Do International Offshore Banking in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam has long been a hub for international finance and offshore banking. With its central location in Europe and stable political and economic environment, the Dutch capital makes for an attractive option for those seeking an offshore bank account. In this article, we'll explore how you can engage in international offshore banking right from Amsterdam.

How to Open an Online Offshore Banking Account in Amsterdam?

For those seeking the utmost in flexibility and convenience, online offshore banking through virtual accounts is the ideal solution. Here is a step-by-step guide to opening an account remotely while living in Amsterdam:

Visit the Website of an Online Offshore Bank

Browse the website of fully digital offshore banks such as Jetonbank that offer online account opening. Carefully review the services, fees and regulatory approvals before deciding.

Fill out the Online Application Form

Provide basic KYC details like your full name, date of birth and nationality. You will also need to upload scanned copies of your valid government issued ID and a recent utility bill as address proof.

Complete the Digital Verification Process

Jetonbank uses an automated system to digitally verify your identity using facial recognition and ID document scans. This ensures security and speeds up account activation.

Receive Your Virtual Banking Credentials

Within a few business days, your verification will be approved and you will receive login credentials for online banking via email. Use these to manage your new offshore account digitally.

Start Using Your Offshore Banking Services

You can now receive international money transfers, make online payments, trade assets and investments directly through your virtual account without leaving Amsterdam!

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How to Do Offshore Banking in Amsterdam?

Living in a hub like Amsterdam provides several gateway options to take advantage of offshore banking globally. Here are some of the most flexible and practical ways to incorporate it into your finances while residing in the city:

Use a Digital Offshore Bank

With full-fledged online banks like Jetonbank, simply open an account from the comfort of your home. Manage it virtually by logging into the user-friendly banking portal or mobile app from Amsterdam.

Consult an Advisory Firm

Work with a reputed advisory that can assist in setting up the right offshore structures for your needs. Services range from company and trust formations to ongoing compliance and account management.

Opt for a Hybrid Solution

Several brokers offer hybrid services leveraging the best of physical and digital banking. For instance, maintain an online offshore account while using their Amsterdam office for additional support.

Seek Professional Referrals

Financial and legal experts based locally may be able to refer to trusted industry players they regularly interface with with expertise in Netherlands-based clients. Book a consultation to discuss options.

By leveraging the possibilities above, international clients can seamlessly incorporate offshore arrangements into their Amsterdam financial regimen for asset protection, tax planning and more strategic goals.

Best Way to Do Offshore Banking in Amsterdam

While numerous offshore banks license accounts for Dutch residents, the true "best way" depends most on convenience and customer experience. In that regard, one digital bank stands out as an excellent remote offshore banking solution for Amsterdam locals.

Founded in 2015, Jetonbank was one of the first licensed offshore banks to go fully digital. Based in the Commonwealth of Dominica, it has since grown to serve over 200,000 customers across 150+ countries purely through an award-winning website and app interface - no physical branches required.

Here are a few key reasons why Jetonbank makes for such seamless offshore banking directly from Amsterdam:

Fully online account opening - The streamlined application can be completed from your couch in just 5-10 minutes with ID verification by video chat.

No account fees - Jetonbank offers a free personal account with low foreign exchange and transfer rates for everyday offshore banking needs.

Global banking platform - Conduct banking, investing, lending and more all through one world-class digital interface available 24/7 via web and mobile.

Advanced security features - Military-grade encryption, two-factor authentication and account protection via facial/fingerprint ID keep funds and data ultra-secure.

Top-rated customer satisfaction - Live multilingual support and a focus on personalized service have earned Jetonbank high ratings across review sites.

By allowing international offshore banking entirely through software instead of stuffy branch offices, Jetonbank streamlines the whole experience.

It's no wonder they've become a top choice for remote wealth management from cosmopolitan cities like Amsterdam.

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Opening an Offshore Bank Account in Amsterdam for Foreigners

As an expatriate living abroad, having access to offshore banking services can offer distinct advantages. Fortunately, many banks that license accounts for Dutch residents are also very accommodating of foreigners residing in Amsterdam.

Key considerations when opening an offshore account in Amsterdam as a non-Dutch national include:

Proof of Amsterdam address - You'll need utility bills, lease agreements or other documentation showing your local ties.

Work or residency permits - Be ready to supply your BSN as well as papers verifying your right to live and work in the Netherlands long-term.

Requirements may vary by bank - Some banks have no further stipulations beyond the above, while others have monthly income minimums or charge non-resident account fees.

Look for services in your language - English support helps new arrivals manage finances smoothly while learning Dutch.

Reputable offshore banks understand the needs of global citizens and make concerted efforts ensuring equal access for all qualified applicants regardless of passport. That spirit of inclusiveness is part of what also draws many internationally-minded financiers to platforms like Jetonbank.

What are the Regulations in Amsterdam to Do Offshore Banking?

When banking across international borders from Amsterdam, it's wise to familiarize yourself with key regulations and best practices in both the Dutch onshore and offshore spheres. Here are a few relevant considerations:

Bank Secrecy Laws - While the Netherlands requires financial transparency, offshore centers ensure data privacy through strict confidentiality statutes that do not report account information to Dutch tax authorities.

Tax Reporting Requirements - Under Common Reporting Standards (CRS), multinational banks automatically share data with tax agencies of account holders' origin countries to help crack down on evasion. Make sure your offshore income is declared appropriately.

Permitted Investment Vehicles - Check with your offshore bank which corporate structures are licensed for what activities, such as holding investment portfolios, real estate, private equity stakes etc.

Following best compliance practices protects both you and your assets wherever the jurisdiction. That's another advantage of banking digitally with a top-tier regulated platform like Jetonbank.

Conducting international offshore banking directly from Amsterdam is not only legally accessible but with the right online solutions, also very straightforward and convenient.

Platforms catering to global mobile citizens with flagship virtual services bring offshore wealth management fully into the digital age.

By selecting a reputable digital banking partner like Jetonbank, you can easily reap the full benefits of financial security, flexibility and opportunity that overseas accounts provide right at your Amsterdam fingertips.

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