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Get a dedicated SEPA IBAN account for your business

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Get a Euro IBAN for your company’s tradings

Creating a private IBAN account for your business in an ordinary bank may be more difficult and troublesome than you imagine. It is both a time consuming and a complex process. This is where we step in as Jetonbank. We offer you the opportunity to make your Euro transactions by creating a completely secure and unique IBAN account. With your Euro IBAN account, which you can get online, you can perform all your trading without any problems.


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Premium low fee Euro IBAN for Selected Businesses

Jetonbank makes your business easier with the low fee Euro IBAN account it offers to selected business owners. You can also create an account for detailed information about business account setup and pricing.

Premium low fee Euro IBAN

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Transfers with EU SEPA

Transfers with EU SEPA

If you live in the Eurozone, this is a great service method of sending and receiving money that you can easily use in your daily life!

SWIFT Transfers Worldwide

SWIFT Transfers Worldwide

You can schedule your SWIFT transfers to pay the same amount on a regular basis. Effortless and completely safe.

Transaction at any time with instant transfers!

Jetonbank users can send and receive money between themselves whenever they want. Also, you won't have any nasty surprises with no hidden fees. With the Custom Jetonbank link, you can invite your acquaintances to become users just like you!

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How do I generate an IBAN


The International Bank Account Number is a numbering system that allows identifying the beneficiary when it comes to cross-border and international money transfers. It is utilized within the eurozone and by other countries. The length of an IBAN differs, but it can't contain more than 34 characters. The number contains an ISO code of the country, the check digits, a bank code, a branch/settle code (not always), and an account number. Thus, the characters in your IBAN are generated depending on the indicators listed above. Some websites offer to generate your IBAN based on your country, bank code, and account number. With Jetonbank, you can always look up your IBAN - log in, and check out the account details on the dashboard.

Is the IBAN number unique for each account?


Yes, it is. The IBAN is individual for each user to avoid errors and transfer money to the right account.

How to transfer money to an IBAN account?


It depends on the type of transfer you make. For instance, both SEPA and SWIFT payments require an IBAN or an account number (in case of SWIFT transfers), a BIC code, and the beneficiary's name. The instant internal transfers also require you to enter the beneficiary's IBAN or their email/phone/account ID. Find out about sending and receiving money on Jetonbank's money transfers page.

What is the difference between IBAN and account number?


As was mentioned above, the IBAN consists of many different indicators, one of which is the account number. The account number (usually 10 to 12 characters) is shorter than the IBAN. Another point of differentiation is that the IBAN starts with two letters, that represent the ISO code of the country.

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