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Are You Ready to Grow Your Business with Digital Asset Payments?

Your Be aware of the digital asset market, take
advantage of digital asset payments in your
company transactions.

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Merchants and
companies, all your
banking transfers
are here.

Control all your business payments from the
Jetonbank's user-friendly interface.

Merchants and companies

No limits with

ETH, BTC, XRP, DOT, DOGE and so much more!

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Simple to install No integration required

Take advantage of Jetonbank's multi-currency accounts
m and discover a fast and secure way to make your payments.

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Simple to install No integration

It takes only a few minutes to open a new account at the Jetonbank.

Our 24/7 available customer support team are at the service to help you.

Transaction with multi-currencies

Transaction with multi-currencies

Jetonbank makes it possible to transact with different currencies in a single account. All your transactions are kept in a secure and confidential center.

Multiple transactions from a single center

Multiple transactions from a single center

You can carry out all kinds of digital banking transactions from a single account.

Ease of payment with different units

Ease of payment with different units

With Jetonbank, you don't need to stick to a single currency. You can make payments and money transfers in different currencies from a single account.



Ultimate Security

We are the international payment provider of your account. We offer you innovative banking by introducing local clearing services to more than 80 countries.

We are the number one choice of licensed FinTech companies such as companies, banks, payment institutions by dedicating a unique EURO bank to each account.

Ultimate Security

The address of secure international transfers

International banking is just a click away! Explore
the world of digital banking with Jetonbank.

The address of secure
      international transfers

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